Appendix 2

Appendix 2.1: This practicum report from my second year shows a knowledge of students as individuals, including during the preparation of learning experiences.  





Appendix 2.2: These two work samples show a marked improvement in writing. After the first sample, a descriptive writing lesson it became clear that ‘Peter’ needed more guidelines for his writing as well as altered expectations. In the second sample it is clear that peter is much more focused on the task at hand after being given a task more directed to his needs and ability level.



Appendix 2.3: This lesson reflection, written by myself, demonstrates an understanding that future lessons needed to be altered for some students to ensure that meaningful, successful learning took place for all students.




Appendix 2.4: During my second teaching practicum I was faced with challenging behaviour from one student. Upon reflection I realised that I needed to create a stimulating and engaging lesson in order to keep him focused on the task at hand. Once I had employed this strategy I found that his behaviour, work standard and moods were noticeably improved.




Appendix 2.5: One memorable teaching experience in which I was required to really understand the learning needs of a student was during my second teaching practicum. ‘Mitchell’ was an Indigenous student who had grown up in an isolated Indigenous community until he was 6. This resulted in his literacy skills needing further development than those of his peers. The first work sample below (a) shows a writing sample typical of his performance. The second image is of my teacher’s feedback in regards to how I should approach creating a learning experience for Mitchell (b). I have also included my own reflections as to how I should do this (Appendix 2.3). Finally, I have included a second work sample that shows an astounding improvement to Mitchell’s work (c) once I had negotiated a way to address his needs within the class’ overall learning outcomes.