What's New for You - Sophomore Version

What's New For You


Right Now.....

It is O-G-Stinkin-T time. This whole week, students will be practicing and reviewing the writing portion of the test. Thursday should be exciting - we'll be playing a Jeopardy-style review game! Check out the link below if you want to review on your own at home or with a friend.

Ohio Department of Education - OGT

In the Near Future.....

Next week, even as you take the OGTs, you will also be starting a unit on To Kill a Mockingbird. I will officially be in charge of the classroom starting this week. Hopefully, this is fun news for you. Our unit will begin with background information on the 1930s, the 1950s, and the book itself. Those who are in Mrs. Beardsley's history class are already full of knowledge about the Great Depression. Share it with us. 

Our Unit.....

Our unit on To Kill a Mockingbird, a critically acclaimed novel about the South in the 1930's, prejudice, and growing up, will be full of fun activities. You will be completing a webquest, creating a map, attending a picnic, and writing newspapers. Seriously, this will be fun.

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