1st Grade Supply List

1st Grade Supply List


FIRST Grade (Benton Elementary)

2 Large Boxes of tissues

1 Pkg. Baby Wipes

1 Pkg. #2 Pencils (12 count)

2 Boxes 16 count crayons

1 Pkg. Watercolor Paint

2 Bottles (Large) Glue

2 Glue Sticks

1 Pkg. Washable Markers (8 or 10 count) No skinny markers

3 Pocket Folders with Brads

2 Spiral Notebooks, wide rule, 120 sheets

2 Big Erasers

1 School Bag/Backpack (Full Size)

1 Pair Scissors (sharp tip)

GIRLS: 1 Box Gallon Zipper Bags

BOYS: 1 Box Quart Zipper Bags

1 Pair Tennis Shoes for P.E. Class





**This is a general list for all 1st grade teachers at Benton. Some changes may take place according to teacher preferences and new strategies.

**I perfer to have 2 3-Ring Binders INSTEAD of the 2 Spiral Notebooks!!! The Binders are better for Writer's Workshop.

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