Spelling Words and Sentences

Spelling Words and Sentences

Unit 1 Words                         Unit 1 Sentences                               

it     as     went                1. Tell us yes if we go next.
us    if      upon                2. Run up to him in red.
him  up     give                 3. He went to get a job.
has  not    after               4. After I came upon a dog it ran.
job   yes   next                5. She did not give him a plus.
red   run   plus                6. It has not been as hot.


Unit 2 Words                         Unit 2 Sentences

gave     came   late                 1. She made a blue costume for the parade.
made    pie      sunshine          2. The gate broke twice on her side.
these    blue    spoke              3. These boys came late with a note.
grade   note    gate                4. On her date she gave him a pie.
twice    side    costume           5. She spoke to my grade.
broke   date    parade            6. Do you like the sunshine?

Unit 3 Words                                 Unit 3 Sentences

making   ruling       liking                        1. She is naming who will go biking and diving.
hoping    joking     biting                        2. We are hoping you are timing us racing.
hiding    diving      timing                        3. Is she joking about biting into a baking pie?
biking     baking   closing                       4.  He is making a ruling on voting.
naming   roping    raking                        5. My cat is hiding from the roping boy.
racing     using     voting                        6. When raking we will be using a rake.

                                                           7. Are you liking the closing of the store? 

Unit 4 Words                               Unit 4 Sentences

cry    gray      ready           1. The shy girl is very pretty.
by      today   clay              2.  Can you pry the lid off the jelly?
shy    any      pry                3. Many cats are sly and hide in hay.
sky    only      jelly             4. By the way did any boy cry?
may   many   pretty             5. May I go and get ready?
way   very     sly                 6. Today we will use only gray clay to make the sky.

  Unit 5 Words                        Unit 5 Sentences

book    hood    shook             1. The man stood on one foot.
good    took     cookie           2. She took a cookie and said good-bye.
brook   hook    hoof              3. I will look for a good book.
look     stood   good-bye       4. Does the cook need some wood?
cook    foot      woods           5. In the woods by the brook my dog shook.
wool    wood                         6. Who took my wool hood off the hook?

Unit 6 Words                               Unit 6 Sentences

boot       noon     moose           1. Did mother fool you about going to the pool?
fool        tooth     stool           2. Is my boot in your room at school?
school   moon     broom           3.  The stool fell on the broom in my room.
pool       zoo       choose          4.  Did you choose to draw the moon too?
room      food     spoon            5. At the zoo we saw a moose on a balloon.
loose     too       balloon          6.  At noon as I ate my food my tooth came loose.

Unit 7 Words                             Unit 7 Sentences

bang     bring     sang              1. The bell rang as we sang a song about spring.
king      spring    rang             2. The strong king had a big ring.
wing     hang      string            3. Do not hang on the long swing.
swing   sing       cling              4. May we sing a song and bang the drum?
ring      song      sting             5. Bring me the bird with the hurt wing.
long     strong                         6. The string will cling to you and it may sting.


 Unit 8 Words Review                   Unit 8 Sentences

run       hiding    strong           1. Today we will be making pie.
pie       many      cry               2. Did the note say to bring a red apple?
note     school    red               3. Many boys were biking to school.
biking   moon     making           4. The full moon made teh strong bear run and hide.
today    bring      stood           5. Did the baby cry when you stood up from hiding?

Unit 9 Words                              Unit 9 Sentences

one        five           nine              1. Are six boys and eight girls going?
two        six            ten               2. One dog and two cats ran by me.
three     seven       eleven            3. Does four plus five make nine?
four       eight         twelve          4. Joe has seven cows and ten sheep on his farm.

                                                 5. The three boys walked from eleven to twelve in the woods.  

Unit 10 Words                             Unit 10 Sentences

aim      rain       chain            1. He laid the chain down in the rain.
sail      praise    laid             2. Take a nail and some paint and fix the train.
trail      paid       brain         3. We will wait by the trail for the mail.
nail      mail       train           4. I paid for a plain snail.
wait     paint     main            5. I did not aim to stop on the cat's tail.
plain    tail        snail           6. Father gave her praise for using her brain to get the main sail up.

 Unit 11 Words                                      Unit 11 Sentences

car        start         card                       1. The car was hard to start.
hard      mark        harm                        2. You need to clean part of the large yard.
large     barn         target                     3. Did he harm the carpet with his sharp tool?
yard      park        market                     4. How far is it to walk from the market to the park?
art         far           carpet                    5. My partner and I will mark a target on the card.
sharp    farm        part                          6. In art we will draw a farm with a red barn.

Unit 12 Words                                      Unit 12 Sentences

bee         seem       heel                       1. Did you feel the bee sting on your cheek?
feel         street      cheek                   2. The free bird hit the screen with speed.
queen     free         speed                    3. The queen likes to eat cheese and candy that is very sweet.
seed       tree         creep                    4. Did the wind seem to creep in and greet you?
week      meet        cheese                    5. This week we will meet by the street.
sweet     screen     greet                     6. With my heel I stepped on some seed by the tree.

Unit 13 Words                                      Unit 13 Sentences

mean      meat       cream                     1. This meal I will eat meat and peas.
dream     team       least                      2.  Do you mean my team was beat?
leave      meal        seal                        3. The weak seal did not leave for the sea.
peas       eat          bead                      4. What season will the bean grow least?
bean       beat        weak                      5.  A red bead was in my seat.
season    seat        sea                         6.  I did not dream you like to heat your cream.

Unit 14 Words                                      Unit 14 Sentences

bell       off           buzz                      1. The odd smell came off the spill on the grill.
add      grass       swell                        2. When the bell rings I will add one egg to this stuff.
less      wall         hall                          3.  My cat likes to purr by the wall in the hall.
well      spill         purr                       4. The dull buzz of a bee came from the grass.
doll       will          cuff                       5. The cuff on my dress looks swell.
smell    odd          stuff                       6. One less doll is all I want.
egg      dull          grill                        7. Do you feel well?

 Unit 15 Words                                      Unit 15 Sentences

just       fast           forest                   1. How much does the chest cost?
most     west         cost                        2. She just ate the last egg for breakfast.
last       past          test                       3.  I did my best on the test about east and west.
best      lost          breakfast               4.  You must walk fast past the forest.
must     east         feast                       5. We lost against the other team.
list       against     chest                      6.  Who can list the most food we ate at the feast?

Unit 16 Words                                      Unit 16 Sentences

working    worked     rest                          1. The boys wanted to keep helping mix the paste.
needing    needed    mix                             2. Are you needing a rest before jumping?
missing     missed     bump                          3. They jumped and missed the bump.
helping     helped      call                           4. She helped call for the missing dog.
wanting    wanted     land                           5. Are you wanting to find the ones that worked?
jumping    jumped     paste

Unit 17 Words  Review                             Unit 17 Sentences

paint     large      wanted                             1. Did you start to leave when the bell rang?
leave    last         against                             2. Stand against the wall and wait for me.
start     wall         jumped                            3. Stop jumping in the street.
rain      week       wait                                 4. I had an odd dream last week.
less     dream      street                               5. I wanted to paint a large  tree.

                                                                 6. Did it rain less this week?    

Unit 18 Words                             Unit 18 Sentences
Sunday   Monday   Tuesday                       1. In December we will be out of school on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.     Thursday  Friday Wednesday                   2. What do you play in June, July, and August?
Saturday      January    February             3. The leaves fall in September, October, and November.
                              March             April   May                          4. This January we will not have school on Monday the second.                               June   July            August                          5. In February we play ball on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.                   September  October   November              6. March, April, and May are spring months.                                                      December   

Unit 19 Words                            Unit 19 Sentences

what      while        wheat                     1. Why did the dog whimper and whine when we left?
whip      whisper    whiskers                 2. Where did the great white whale go?
white     which       whiff                      3. Take a whiff of this rose and whisper which kind it is.
wheel    where      whine                       4. What did the boy whistle while he worked?
when     whale      whimper                    5. The cat ate whip cream and got it in his whiskers.
why       whistle                                   6. My wheel came off by the wheat field.

Unit 20 Words                             Unit 20 Sentences

she         wash    polish                   1. I will buy some fish at a shop by the shore.
shove     sheet    shape                   2. Wash the sheet but don't splash the water.
push       shop     shore                   3. Did you rush to polish your shoe?
shoe       dash     splash                  4. Dash out and shovel the fresh snow in shape of a snowman.
shake     rush      shovel                 5. She said do not push or shove!
fish        finish      fresh                 6. Did you finish your shake?

Unit 21 Words                             Unit 21 Sentences

thank     than       booth                 1. Go with them on the path to gather nuts.
think      that        path                 2. Math and arithmetic are both the same.
with       thing      nothing              3. Together I think that we can give this dog a bath.
them      both      gather                4. Thank you for those other books.
those     there     other                  5. There is nothing to sit in but a booth.
bath       this        math                  6. Is this thing longer than a foot.
together    arithmetic 

Unit 22 Words                                      Unit 22 Sentences

chat       bunch     crunch                     1. She will chat with each child about a chance of doing a cheer.
chin       reach      chance                    2. These shoes pinch my feet too much.
each      child        lunch                      3. Chew up the chip and don't reach for more.
chair      much       spinach                  4. I hurt my chin on the beach chair.
chop      pinch       chip                       5. Mother will chop a bunch of spinach.
such       chew      cheer                      6. The snow made such a loud crunch as I walked to church.
beach    church  

Unit 23 Words                             Unit 23 Sentences

back     trick          check             1. The duck said quack.
neck     block        crack               2. Did you kick my black sock?
thick     duck          stick              3. He did a trick with a block of wood and a thick stick.
black    rocket       quack              4. May I pick out a toy rocket?
pick      sock          nickel             5. Pay a nickel for the ticket and put it in your pocket.
kick      ticket         pocket          6. Check the crack in the walk or you could hurt your neck and back.

Unit 24 Words                                      Unit 24 Sentences

deep    deeper     deepest                  1. Our lake is the deepest and coldest in the state.
tall        taller        tallest                2. Mom is older than dad, but he is the tallest of us all.
slow     slower      slowest                 3. I have the newest bike, but it is slower than yours.
new      newer      newest                   4. This team has the fewest and shortest boys.
green   greener   greenest                 5. Can you come home sooner to lower the swing?
short     shorter   shortest                 6. I have a green apple, but Sue has a greener apple, and                       
sooner  soonest   fewer                        Tom has the greenest apple of all.
older     oldest      fewest
colder   coldest    lower

Unit 25 Words                                   Unit 25 Sentences

isn't       you're     can't                     1. You'll be mad if that's not right.
he's       aren't      it's                       2. That's my paper, it isn't his.
I'll          he'd         you'll                 3. I've won once, but you're still the big winner.
we'll      we've       that's                   4. She'll go if I can't, or he'll be mad.
she'll    didn't         I'm                     5. I'll check, but I'm sure he's ready.
I've      he'll                                      6.  We've worked hard so we'll win.

Unit 26 Words Review                          Unit 26 Sentences

rocket     shorter      with                   1. My chair is shorter that yours.
there      greenest   shoe                     2. We've got to find the lost shoe.
aren't     finish         when                  3. You're each going to finish the trick.
each      trick           chair                  4. Aren't you going to finish the trick?
where     we're        you're                 5. When did the rocket go up?
                                                        6. Where can you find the greenest grass?

Unit 27 Words                                   Unit 27 Sentences

my         her       yourself                        1. Your friend did her job by herself.
mine     hers      myself                            2. Our class won their game but hers lost.
our       his         itself                            3. You can read his books and ours by yourself.
ours     their       herself                         4. My dog ate its food and mine all by itself.
your     theirs     ourselves                      5. We cleaned the room ourselves.
yours   its                                              6. I did this work myself, but yours and theirs is better.

Unit 28 Words                                   Unit 28 Sentences

bird    firm          dirty                  1. The bird tried to chirp, but it was thirsty.
girl     chirp        twirl                   2. Stir the mix in a circle until it is firm.
sir      circle       circus                  3. He put the fir tree in dirt and squirted water on it.
dirt     skirt        squirted              4. The dirty dog tried to squirm away from its bath.
stir     thirsty     squirm                 5. We called the man sir.
shirt   birthday   fir                      6. The girl went to the circus on her birthday and wore her new shirt
 and skirt.

Unit 29 Words                                      Unit 29 Sentences

blow     window  tomorrow                         1.Did the wind blow snow by the window?
row       elbow  Halloween                         2. May I borrow a pillow for my narrow bed?
bow       owner  bowl                                3. In the show he will throw a dart at my shadow.
show      crows   borrow                            4. Tomorrow we will color a row of black crows.
shadow  grow     pillow                              5. The owner of the shop tried to grow a plant in my bowl.
throw      snow     narrow                          6. This Halloween I will wear a bow on my elbow.


Unit 30 Words                                      Unit 30 Sentences

brown     down    bow                         1. I'll go to town however I can.
cow        crown    powder                   2. The brown owl flew down on my cow.
shower   owl        however                  3. What is the vowel in frown and howl?
towel      town      howl                       4. Tell me how much the crown and gown cost.
now        how       gown                       5. Now take a bow in front of the crowd.
crowd     frown     vowel                     6. Do you need a towel and powder for your shower?

Unit 31 Words                                      Unit 31 Sentences

apart     again    around              1. Will you be awake for awhile to go ahead and work alone?
awake   away    ahead                 2. The book fell apart again as I put it away.
awhile   alone    across               3. I agree about the girls looking alike.
above   ago       about                4. You may come along with us as we go across the street and around the block.
alive     along     agree               5.  The alive cat was asleep on the shelf about the door.
asleep  alike       apiece             6.  A long time ago a coke cost five cents apiece.

Unit 32 Words                                      Unit 32 Sentences

before   beside    beware                   1. He sat between us because he could not behave.
became between beneath                    2. I was hiding beside a rock, behind a tree, beyond the house.
belong   become  believe                    3. Before you become sleepy begin your homework.
begin     below     begun                     4. As I had begun to mow I became so tired I could not mow th grass          began    because behave                           below the hill.         
 behind   beyond                                5. Beware of the dog it does not belong to us.
                                                        6. Can you believe it began to rain as we were beneath the tree?

Unit 33 Words                                      Unit 33 Sentences

better      rabbit    matter                          1. Scatter some lettuce for my pet rabbit.
hammer  button   manner                             2. Look in the bootom drawer for the rubber hammer.
bottom    hello      lettuce                           3. In the letter she said hello in a nice manner.
mitten     yellow    pattern                          4. Does it matter if the kitten lost his mitten?
scatter    sudden  blossom                           5. All of a sudden the yellow blossom fell off.
kitten      letter      rubber                         6.  Is this button better to use for a pattern?

Unit 34 Words                                      Unit 34 Sentences

baseball      pancake                  1. Did anybody make a big snowball into a snowman?
bookcase    doorbell                  2. On his bookcase he has a baseball, an airplane, and a football.
downhill       homesick                3. The doorbell rang as I was putting something on my pancake.
snowman     snowman                  4. At bedtime I read about a raindrop and a rainbow in my storybook.        
something     rainbow                 5. I will not go downhill on anything without brakes.  
anything  into  without               6. My dog is homesick for his doghouse.
storybook  bedtime football      
raindrop   anybody airplane
doghouse  snowball  


 Unit 35 Words Review                            Unit 35 Sentences

button        awhile    better                     1. Before you take a shower find a towel.
window      before    throw                      2. Did you throw the hammer on the bookcase?
hammer     rainbow  circle                       3. We need to play for awhile because it is recess.
bookcase  shower  because                      4. Who wore a button in the shape of a circle again?
again         towel    chirp                         5. Did you see a rainbow from the window?

                                                             6. Birds chirp better in the morning.