Unit 9 -- Digestive System -- Review Guide

Digestive System Review Guide 


1.  Know the order of the digestive organs from start (oral cavity), to finish (Anus/Anal Canal): {They are not in order}

Ascending colon            Jejunum                Oral Cavity          Pylorus            Cardiac Sphincter          Ileum                Ileo-cecal Sphincter       Esophagus                    Rectum                 Epiglottis             Fundus             Duodenum                    Transverse colon                                     Anal canal                    Body (stomach)     Sigmoid Colon     Cecum             Descending colon          Pyloric Sphincter

2.  Know the functions of each of the above terms.


3.  Diagram --- Know the locations of Major Digestive Organs


4.  Other Terms to know:

  1. Bile, CCK, Villi, Rugae, Mastication, Defacation, Constipation, Diarrhea, Amylase, Chyme, HCl, Mesentary, Greater Omentum, Lumen, Uvula, Digestion, Peristalsis, Metabolism, Rennin, Pepsin, Vitamin K, Lipase, Amino Acids, Glucose, Fatty Acids and Glycerol, Appendix, Appendicitis, Acid Reflux, Ulcer

5.  Know the four layers of the Digestive Tract:  What is found in each layer and function of each:

  1. Mucosa
  2. Submucosa
  3. Muscularis
  4. Serosa

6.  Teeth

  1. Know the names and functions of the four types of teeth in humans
  2. Know the number of teeth in children and adults
  3. Know the tooth diagram
                                                              i.      Crown, Enamel, Dentin, Pulp Cavity, Root