Math April 27 - May 1

This week, there are 4 "paper" assignments that will count towards your math grade (Mon thru Wednesday sunshine work counts as one of the paper assignments). These assignments are in red.  If you would like to share additional work, you may, but it is not required. We know that everyone is busy and we trust that you are completing the work.  If possible, please return the work the day you complete it.  This will allow us to provide timely feedback to your child. If not, one submission of all assignments by Friday at 3:30 is still an option. 


You have a Freckle Math assignment it is in red. These scores will count towards your math grade this week. The assignment will automatically submit once your child answers the questions.


Monday, April 27

  1. Complete “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Week 5: Multiplication Monday . Click here for the assignment.
  1. Watch the  BrainpopJr. video- Making Change and complete the easy and hard quizzes….you may send a screenshot of your results for both quizzes


  1. Watch this video about ‘Making Change’ strategies.


Tuesday, April 28

  1. Complete “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Week 5: Base Ten Tuesday. Click here for the assignment.
  1. Go Math: "Making Change" lesson pages 13-16. Click here for pages 13-16.
  1. Complete page 15- "On Your Own"   (problems #4-#12)  Screenshot and send to me. 
  1. For extra practice, click here.    


Wednesday, April 29

  1. Complete “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Week 5: Wordless Wednesday. Click here for the assignment.
  1. Watch this video on adding money and making change. 
  1. As you watch the video, write the math equations on a piece of paper or on these worksheets.  


Thursday, April 30

  1. Complete “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Week 5: Throwback Thursday OPTIONALClick here for the assignment.
  1. Time to go shopping! Use these Aldi advertisements to answer the questions on the worksheet.   

              Click here for the questions.

             Click here for ad page 1.                Click here for ad page 2.

              Click here for ad page 3.                Click here for ad page 4.

  1. Log on to Freckle to complete activity:  Problems Involving Money 


Friday, May 1

  1. Complete “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Week 5: Fraction Fun Friday OPTIONALClick here for the assignment.
  1. Take a trip to the Cozy Corner Bakery! View the menu here.
  1. ‘Purchase’ items and fill-out the receipts. Click here for reciepts On the first receipt, you have $5.00 to spend.  On the second one, you have $10.00 to spend, and on the final receipt you have $20.00 to spend.