Seventh Grade Math - All Students



The purpose of homework is for students to practice the skills that they learn in class.  It is assigned on a nightly basis and is intended to take approximately a half hour or forty-five minutes.  A list of homework assignments an be found on this website under the “Course 2” and “Pre-Algebra” tabs.  Please ask your child in which course he or she is enrolled.


Class Materials


Students need to bring their textbooks, a notebook and a pencil to class everyday.  Colored pencils, rulers, markers and calculators are useful tool for seventh graders as well.




Parents may e-mail me with questions or concerns at any time.  I am generally able to respond within twenty-four hours.




Unit I: Number Sense and Operations

  • Operations with whole number, fractions and decimals
  • Working with percents
  • Integers
  • Order of arithmetic operations
  • Exponents

Unit II: Patterns, Relations and Algebra

  • Working with tables, formulas and graphs
  • Linear relationships
  • Solving equations

Unit III: Geometry

  • Congruent and similar figures
  • Transformations: translations, reflections, dilations, reductions
  • Properties of parallel lines
  • Proportional relationships

Unit IV: Measurement

  • Converting between systems of measurement (customary vs. metric)
  • Perimeter and area of two-dimensional figures
  • Surface area and volume of prisms and cylinders

Unit V: Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

  • Using circle graphs, Venn diagrams, stem-and-leaf plots, tables, and charts
  • Measures of central tendency and range
  • Probability of simple and compound events