The librarian

Hello to all students, parents and teachers of the AISA community.

My name is Carolina Cuello, but everyone calls me Carol for short. I am a certified librarian and it is my passion to teach everything related to libraries, reading and information literacy.

I have studied in Argentina (where I'm from) and hold a Bachelor's degree in Library Science. I'm getting ready to start my Master's degree program in School Libraries.

My boyfriend and I arrived in Nigeria for the first time in August of 2010. AISA is the second American International School I have worked at. My previous school was Lincoln AIS in Buenos Aires, where I worked for four years (in the library of course!)

Besides reading and teaching I like hanging out with friends, listening music, scrapbooking, watching movies, baking and much much more.

Purple is my favorite color, I love strawberry ice cream and if I could eat french fries every day of the week I'd be the happiest person ever!

My birthday is April 8th and I am an absolute birthday enthusiast. Every person should celebrate their special day like a national holiday!

I am enjoying working at AISA and look forward to explore Nigeria a lot more!