My Educational Philosophy

To me, being a teacher means so much more than teaching students a certain subject matter.  I hope to be a role model to each student by portraying morals, high standards, and a positive attitude.  Likewise, each student in my classroom will be held to high standards for academic achievement, they should model good morals such as respect for others, and have a positive attitude once they step foot into the classroom.  I believe it is important to try to be as enthusiastic, creative, funny, and as interesting as possible while teaching the curriculum.  It is important for me as a teacher to continually think about the needs of the students first, and how I can implement techniques and methods of teaching so that learning for all students will be maximized.  I believe that there is little value in only learning information to take a test, so as a teacher I strive to connect what I am teaching to circumstances that the students can relate to.  In order to do this I will conduct hands-on laboratory activities, group work, and utilize different types of test questions to allow students to understand and model what they are being taught.  If at any point a student needs extra help, I will make time to meet with them so that they can feel confident about the material taught.  Lastly, I will make a strong effort to keep communication open with parents and guardians, so that we can work together to help each student succeed.