Topics of Study

Biology- What is life? What is needed to maintain and support it?

Ecology- What are the interactions between and among living and non-living things?  Where do we get the energy to carry out life processes?  How much energy do you consume?  How is the human body like an ecosystem?  Why do people get sick?

Relationships- What are animals? What are plants? How are we all related?

Biochemistry- Organisms maintain a dynamic equilibrium that sustains life.

Reproduction- Why is reproduction important?  How are organisms awarded for reproducing offspring?  How is asexual and sexual reproduction different?

Genetics- Why do I look the way I do?

Evolution- Present day species developed from earlier distinctly different species.

Human Decision Making- How do we make the decisions necessary to develop and maintain a healthy community?  How do researchers determine the magnitude and/or size of environmental factors?  How do we determine what is fact?  How can we make our world better?  How can we optimize communication of biological information?  How is technology used to enhance biological exploration?  How do researchers and learners as a whole extend and refine their knowledge?