Student Evaluation & Grading

Student grades will be tabulated using a weighted averages system where students will be given grades out of 100% for each assignment for each category.  The categories that I have formed include tests, quizzes, homework, participation and class work, lab work, and projects.  Any students caught cheating will automatically receive a 50% reduction for whatever category of work that they are cheating on at the time of being caught.  I will make sure that my cheating policy is always in affect in order to teach students that it is not ok to cheat no matter what they are doing.  Each category is as follows:

·         Tests- There will be one test per unit.  Each test will be made up of multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, true/false questions, and an essay question.  Students who need to make up a test will do so within one week of missing the test date unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Students will not get tests returned until all tests are made up.   Tests will count for thirty percent of the student’s total grade.

·         Quizzes- There will be one to two quizzes during each unit depending on unit length.  Each quiz will be made up of multiple choice questions.  Quizzes will be worth twenty percent of the student’s total grade.

·         Homework- Homework will be assigned prior to the end of most class periods, and will be due at the beginning of the next class period.  Homework will include worksheets to fill in or questions out of the textbook.   Homework in the form of a worksheet will be picked up by the student at the beginning of class.  If a student is absent on a day when homework is assigned, they will be given until the next class period to complete the assignment without penalty.  If a student is present in class and doesn’t have the completed assignment on the date due, they will automatically receive a fifty percent reduction for that assignment grade and will still be required to complete the assignment for the next class meeting.  Homework will count for ten percent of the student’s total grade.

·         Participation/class work- As students enter the room there will be easily accessible bins with worksheets or assignments in them that students will pick up on their way to their seats.  Each paper that a student gets from the bins will be clearly labeled as class work or homework.   There will also be a bin for each class where students may pick up missed assignments, as well as a bin to hand in late work or make-up work.  Students will be expected to raise their hands to participate in class.  Participation and class work will count for ten percent of the student’s total grade.

·         Lab work- There will be a “laboratory” class period every other day.  Students will be expected to participate in a group setting and complete the laboratory assignment prior to the end of class unless otherwise specified to finish the assignment for homework.  Laboratory work will be worth fifteen percent of the student’s total grade.  Note: Students must complete 1,200 laboratory minutes (about 30 labs) with a grade of 65% or higher in order to be eligible to take the regents.

·         Projects- There will be at least one major project that students will need to complete during the school year.  Students will have the opportunity to choose from project options, and will be given sufficient amounts of time in/out of class to complete the project(s).  The project(s) will count for fifteen percent of the student’s grade.

I have formed this policy in this manner to gage the knowledge retained throughout the marking periods for each student.  Separate categories that make up a grade are important so students can see the importance of each component and how each helps them learn the material being taught.  In addition, if a student is lacking in one of the categories then they will have the other categories as a means to keep their grade up.  I will post present grades at minimum bi-weekly so students will have the opportunity to see how they are doing.  If a student needs help in one category especially, it can be addressed as soon as possible to try to make a positive change.