Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Acceptable use policies is an agreement in a computer network community showing intentions  of the expectations for devices and networks.

For do's and dont's concerning AUP's you can visit the site:

An acceptable use policy should include:

-Rules for use 

- Restrictions 


MORRIS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP Form)


If you agree to the details below sign on the line at the bottom of the page.

  • Technology and all computer files should not be tampered with unless you have authorization.


  • You may not use another individual's account or attempt to capture or guess other users' passwords.


  • You are individually responsible for appropriate use of all resources assigned to you, including the computer, iPads, charging chords, cameras, and any other software and hardware.


  • Try to protect your passwords and to secure resources against unauthorized users.


  • You must not access restricted areas or sites, change any administrative settings, or default settings on the devices without authorization.


  • You must comply with the rules and standards for all resources you are granted access to.


  • You can not download or use any network hardware or software materials that will degrade performance or corrupt the technology devices in any way.


  • Do not use tools designed for hacking or password cracking.


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