Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Basic Math Diagnostic  This is a pre COMPASS screening tool to get a baseline for what areas need to be worked on with links associated with the missed problems.

Module 1 : Numbers and Terminology This lesson focuses on numbers and terminology, such as digits, place values, and variables.

Module 2 - AdditionThis lesson focuses on addition, both simple and carrying.

Module 3 : SubtractionThis lesson covers subtraction, both basic and borrowing.

Module 4 : Multiplication This lesson focuses on multiplication, including both single and multiple digits.

Module 5 - DivisionThis lesson covers division, including grouping, facts, and single and multiplier divisors.

Module 6 : Signs used in Operations - Positive and Negative NumbersThis lesson focuses on signs used in operations, including positive and negative numbers.

Module 7 - Operations and PropertiesThis lesson looks at operations and properties, including closure, and order of operations.

Module 8 - FractionsThis lesson focuses on fractions, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

Module 9 - Decimals/The Decimal Number SystemThis lesson focuses on decimals, including moving them, converting fractions, adding and subtracting, etc.

Module 10 - PercentsThis lesson focuses on using percents, including converting.

Module 11 - Other OperationsThis lesson looks at other operations, including rounding, estimating, exponents, powers, etc.

Module 12 - Calculators: Using a Calculator This final lesson focuses on correctly using a calculator.