About this website

About this website 

In December of 2010 a subcomittee of the Organizational Taskforce for th ASA math department was put together to come up with a plan to help students study for the COMPASS test before they took it the first time and to improve their skills if they did not test into any of our math courses.

Vision Statement for Ivy Tech Community College Academic Skills Advancement Mathematics Program

The Academic Skills Advancement Mathematics program of Ivy Tech Community College will provide challenging, engaging, and nurturing learning experiences that develop key learning-to-learn skills and explore mathematics as interrelated concepts of a formal system. Students will develop mathematical abilities necessary to complete additional college courses successfully and gain confidence in critical thinking and real-world problem solving.

Getting the most out of this website

It is important to understand what the COMPASS test is and why it is essential for students to prepare for taking the COMPASS by doing a little studying first. Click on the folowing link for more information.   Understanding the COMPASS test

 How to use this website

First return to the Table of Contents and take the diagnostic test. Based on the problems missed, choose the modules that are designed to improve performance in these areas. Each module is set up with a lesson and then practice in that area. After all of the identified modules are comleted, an post test can be taken as well as an example test of what the COMPASS test will look like. IT is not necessary to be fluent in all of these areas but rather to have an idea for what will be on the COMPASS test to determine the appropriate level class for a particular student.

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