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It is important to make sure that the top of the floor drain is about 2 inches below the main level of the garage slab. Concrete contractors need to create large shallow funnels around the floor drain.
The size of the funnel depends on the size of the car or truck. The funnel should be at least 10 feet wide and 22 feet long. Center the  balcony drain factory drains so that they are parked in the garage, just below the center of the car or truck.

Another benefit of owning a garage floor drain is that you can wash your car or truck inside on hot or cold months. You can buy a special hose bib that has both a cold water handle and an indoor sink. This way you can rinse the vehicle with warm water.

They all collect liquid on the floor and then transport it to the sewer. The difference is that the floor sink is a wash basin on the floor, usually 12 x 12, instead of just a hole. The health department usually requires indirect drainage equipment or sinks. If dirty water in the sewer is poured into equipment or sinks, it may pose health risks-ice makers, food sinks, soda / beer taps, etc. They trap solids while allowing the liquid to continue flowing. The washbasin is larger and has the function of storing water.

A floor drain is a sanitary device installed on the floor of a building and is mainly used to remove standing water brass floor drain nearby. They are usually round, but they can also be square or rectangular.