Mrs. Ally's Classroom Website


I am so excited to begin using this website as a tool for teacher/student/parent communication. It is going to be such a great help in working together and providing information that you might need. I will be using this as a tool to keep families updated on events, students informed of any homework assignments, and even a place to look at information we have been studying in class.



Many times students forget work or what they're supposed to do. I will do my best to keep the pages updated so you can jump on here and see what is assigned. If the parents want to be informed of the days activities they can come here and ask specifics of what was learned in class, and already have knowledge to help the child be able to remember.



I hope this will be helpful knowing that I will be updating and keeping you informed of what goes on at school. I believe that we are a team. We all need to work together to help the students grow to BE the best he/she can BE.


"BE - such a big word for being so small. BE what? BE anything and everything."


Thank you,

Mrs. Ally