In second grade we will be doing guided reading groups. These groups consist of 3-6 children and are used to differentiate instruction based upon your child's reading level. We will focus on accuracy (reading words correctly), fluency (reading words at the correct pace), and comprehension (remembering what is read). These skills are essential to become a better reader. Your child's reading group might change throughout the year depending upon their progress. During the first month of school, your child will meet with me or Title I staff to determine their reading level. This process takes about the first month of school to ensure we really get to know your child as a reader and know which areas we want to help improve upon throughout the year. Check out the above YouTube video to learn more about guided reading. 


While I am doing guided reading groups, other children in the classroom will be working on the Daily 5. This is a reading framework that allows children to practice the skills they learn during a mini-lesson. Research tells us children need amble time to practice and absorb the information they are learning. There are 5 main areas the students can be working in: reading to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading, or work on writing. Each area provides students practice with different elements that are essential to help them improve their reading. It will take a lot of practice in the first month of school to know the expectations during this time to ensure my students are focused  while I am working with other students in the guided reading groups. Check out the above YouTube video to learn more about the Daily 5.