Assessment Timeline

Before the work begins:


To introduce the unit, the students will receive KWL papers as a pre-assignment. They will be asked to fill out the first three components of the chart, to acknowledge what what the know, what they want to know, and how they plan to learn it.


Students will take the survey in order to figure out what are their current interests and what current knowledge do they have. The students would gather results from the class activities that will provide guidance for instruction and activate the students' prior knowledge for the unit that they are doing.


During Unit Work:


As students learn, they will continuously figure out about what knowledge they have acquired. Students will chart their learning progress using with either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. As they are doing their assignment, they will practice skills using online resources.  


Students will submit their work for teacher evaluation using collaborative technology (google docs; google sites; portfolios on our district website).      


Students will journal their learning reflections and questions on group projects. Formative concept check assessments will be given using Google Docs.


After the unit is completed:


The final completion of their KWL charts will summarize important questions and answers.   


Students will create and take a final assessment through Google Docs.


Student will journal on final learning reflections and further questions. Final project will be evaluated through a performance assessment.