Math- MM page 20 "multiplying"

Literature- Verbal and Chart LWW 


Math-MM Page 50  "3 times Table"

 Writing- Types of writing "what are they and what do they mean"


Math-MM page 128" Counting by 3s,4s,and 5s"

Writing-Answer question how do you start a Intro Paragraph on an essay? 



 Math-Worksheet on 7ths time table

Writing-same as plan write intro paragraph to a prompt 


 Math-Worksheet on 8ths time table

Writing-Answer the question "how do you properly write the 1st Paragraph? 


 Math-MM  page 53 "4 times Table"

Writing-Same as plan write 1st paragrpah


 Math- Same as Plan Pretest

Literature- Chart and Verbal LWW