Mrs. Bretzing's Class Website


Important class info is found here.  I dont teach right now so this is just for "fun".  Enjoy.

Please contact me at any time if you dont any fun here.

Classroom policies

There arent enough rules in life.  So here are a few more.

1.  Homework only accepted on time 

2.  Gum only allowed for teacher use

3.  Leave hats at home

4.  Be a friend

5.  Be a teachers pet

6.  Tell me why there is no auto correct on this site.  Double space should automatically enter periods!


This is where i would post class events, assignments, upcoming info.  Teachers at my children's school use a website provided by the district.  They use other messaging apps as well, such as Class Dojo.  Contact with teachers is a must.  I will use a website, but will most likely use one provided by the district.

Current Room Parents

  1. Joe Schmo
  2. Dr. Seuss
  3. Amelia Bedelia

Room Parents will:

  • Throw parties
  • Create fun
    • For teachers, students and parents
  • Organize events
  • Include EVERYONE…not an exclusive club!
Room Parent Contact Info
Joe Schmo
Dr. Seuss
Amelia Bedelia


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I would naturally include formal information.  However, this is a trial run of a website.  I used this exercise as a way to familiarize myself with creating a website, not to pour information about myself onto the web.  It was a learning experience laugh

Thanks for visiting!