Abundance Youth Ministry

Abundance is a youth  ministry that has been established for over 3 years ago. This is a youth based ministry to cater to the needs of the growing youth. This ministry is designed to equip today’s  young adult along with the children’s  ministry. This is a family based mission because I am a mother of three children who ranges in the ages of 9yrs,10yrs,13yrs.And it’s not easy seeing eye to eye with them at times but the one thing I cherish the most is that we have a level of communication that I so prayerfully consulted God on when it came to me and my children being close and them being able to come to me and speak with me about anything. No matter how they would think I would react to it. I wanted to let them know that they have a friend that’s in me. As well as me being their mother. The reason why I established this ministry is for the very purpose of my children, nieces ,nephews along with other family and friends children. I learned through consistent conversations with many different children in different age groups about the amount of peer pressure that arises amongst them. Along with bulling, sexual prefrances,among other topics that discouraged me to my heart. I prayed and asked God what I could do further than what I was doing and he gave me a vision of a short process I started doing.Gathering all the children that I usually spend time with an make things happen for them such as………………………………………………………………..

2nd weekend Adventures

This is when the children came over and just hung out and we just had a great time.

I’ve already had a ministry for youth in bible study but the Lord advised me to bring the two together .And organize a youth ministry that qualifies every child a chance to be apart  of something big.

So with great  honor I would  like to introduce

  Abundance Youth Ministries

Youth Coordinator

Keasha L. Knotts