Social Studies Games


 laugh There's Always Soemthing to do in Social Studies Class! laugh

If you're done early and have no missing work to complete I have always offered board and card games centered around learning history (Ex: Underground Railroad Game), economics (Ex: Monopoly, Wide World), geography (Ex: Which Way USA, 50 states card games), US government (Ex: President BINGO) All hands on games in my classroom meet state Scoial studies standards!

Right now with distance learning and when we return with socially distanced learning in the clasroom, I can't ptovide access to these activities, so we're building a digital game platform for students to be able to access educational games that provide the same kind of opportunities without as much collabration to meet the requirements of social distancing.


*More Games Coming Soon!*


US History Games

Halls of History

Who's Your Founding Father

Presidents by Years of Service

Presidents by Photo Quiz


US  States and Geography Games

US States Quiz

US States 

US Licence Plate Quiz

US States with Letter Y


World Countries and Geography Games

Countries that Start with C Quiz

Countries that Start with B Quiz


Cooking Up History

Historical Recipes for Kids




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