Project Gallery

We can't wait to post more pictures of what we're working on in class! laugh

Photos on here are only of projects completed by the students. If you have a student currently in TAG classes, photos of students participating in activities are avaliable through the Google photo album shared through our class Remind. If you don't have the link to the album you can request it through the class Remind directly.


Oreo Moon Phases done by 5th grade 8-2021

Snap Circuit Kits that were worked with by 4th grade 8-2021

3D modeling of moon phases designed and built by 6th grade 8-2021

Lunar Eclipse Posters made by 6th grade 8-2021

Reciept Tape Solar System distance models made by 6th grade 8-2021

Gravity, weight, and mass investigation completed by 6th grade 8-2021

Pizza Box Solar Oven investigation of solar energy conducted by 4th grade 8-2021

Moon Phase influence on tides animation flip book demonstration completed by 5th grade 8-2021

Translating the Declaration of Independence into contemporary language completed by 8th grade

DNA Modeling done by 8th grade 8-2021

Worm farming, coordinated and set up by 7th grade 8-2021

Isolating and extracting strawberry DNA done by 8th grade 8-2021