TAG Wishlist

Want to help supply our classroom with new and exciting hands on materials?

Sample Donation Letter for Non-Profit Organization


You can help by providing a variety of materials!

If you are a parent or community member and have something you would like to donate,

please just contact me!

We can use lots of items in our creative art and engineering endevors,

and would love to try to make good use of what you are willing to give.


You can also find our wishlist of items on Amazon.


Household items we can use

 two liter bottles, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, baking soda, vinegar, ziplock bags, scrapbook paper, string, pasta, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, mini marshmallows,

mini hot glue sticks, dish soap, salt, coffee filters, batteries, balloons, sponges, Jello packets (not cups), pudding packets (not cups), balloons,

google eyes, art materials, corks, food color, yeast, rubber bands, straws, spring mouse traps,

CD/DVDs for enginnering projects, plastic water bottle /juice/ milk jug lids, tooth picks



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* Thanks to community member Molly P for donating a compost bin for us to use in the school garden! (4-2021)

* Thanks to student grandparent Robert S for donating 5 aquariums/terrariums! (7-2021)

* Thank you Pets in the Classroom for selecting our classroom for a grant to get a bearded dragon! (8-2021)

* Thanks to a Gifted Education Grant recieved by the school we have been able to add lots of resources to our classroom including:

3 more Kindle tablets, 2 sets of Legos, 5 LCD screen microscopes, another programming mouse, and lots of add ons and repair parts for our MBots! (10-2021)

* Thank you student grandparent Virginia S for making beautiful science fabric dust covers for our new digital microscopes! (10-2021)