What is TAG?


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TAG stands for Talented and Gifted. 


A label of ‘gifted’ should be a diagnostic one that provides useful information about how an individual child learns (acquires, processes, and applies information), to inform curricular and instructional decisions for that child.


"Gifted education" means appropriate academic course offerings and services that are required to provide an educational program that is an integral part of the regular school day and that is commensurate with the academic abilities and potential of a gifted pupil. "Gifted pupil" means a child who is of lawful school age, who due to superior intellect or advanced learning ability, or both, is not afforded an opportunity for otherwise attainable progress and development in regular classroom instruction and who needs appropriate gifted education services, to achieve at levels commensurate with the child's intellect and ability." Arizona Department of Education


These students are identified by approriate testing methods approved by the state for identifying gifted learners.


"Arizona law requires that all public school districts must both identify gifted learners and provide appropriate educational programs and services for gifted learners. However, the law does not prescribe the models that district must use to serve their gifted learners." Arizona Department of Education


You can access the law defining, and outlining gifted education here.