Classroom Policies

Technology Access

Each students has a school laptop to use for school assignments in school and at home.Black Laptop Computer

Cameras and other technology is availabe to checkout for school purposes upon request. 

The teacher has a sign out sheet at his desk to check out technology.  Technology can only be checked out for one day at a time but may be checked out for several consecutive days provided another student has not requested it.

Classroom Technology Rules

  1. Cell phones are not allowed to be used in class without teacher permission.
    • Personal and unauthorized use of cell phones will be penalized. See the syllabus for details.
  2. Student laptop computers are to be used for school purposes only. 
  3. When the teacher says "Lids down", students must close their laptops and listen to the teacher.
  4. Other technology may be used in class with the teacher's permission.

Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Please print and fill out the Acceptable Technology Use Policy, sign and return to me by Friday August 30, 2019.

Link to the Acceptable Technology Use Policy