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Welcome to World History!!!!

Hello students and parents and welcome to my WebPage!!! While navigating though my page you will find many useful links for students and parents, my full class schedule, a short biography about me, my contact info, a detailed schedule of what me and the students will be working on this year, as well as all the standards required by the State. If any questions do arise feel free to contact me. 


Below you will find a link to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies, I ask that the students and parents look over the T.E.K.S for our course "World History". Once you click on the link scroll down until you find our course, it will be the second course listed under "§113.42. World History Studies (One Credit), Beginning with School Year 2011-2012". I wil also go over these state requirements with the students on the first day. 


Class room policies 

  • Students who are late to class without a written excuse will be counted Tardy, once a student has obtained more then 4 tardies in a 6 week period they will be sent to detention.
  • Students will not be allowed to have their electronics out during class. There will be times when electronics will be vital to the education of the class and I do encourage students to bring electronics to class. On the first offense students will be asked to put their electronic away, second offense electronic will be taken up for the remainder of class and call home, third offense student will be sent to office with write up.
  • Myself as well as the district have a zero tolerance policy against bullying. If a student is caught bullying they will immediately be sent to the office with a write up. 
  • Myself and the district do not support or tolerate Academic Dishonesty, if a student is caught being academic dishonest they will be evaluated on why they preformed the offense and will be reprimanded from either constructive criticism or write up and sent to office. 


  • Students are asked to bring their text book to every class unless told otherwise. 
  • Students must bring their History spiral, as well as two items for writing. 
  • Students are also encouraged to bring their tablets, phones, laptops, etc. To class with them!!!


1st Period 8:ooam-8:50am

World History 
2nd Period 8:55am-9:45am World History 
3rd Period 9:50am-10:40am Conference 
4th Period 10:45am-11:50am Lunch 
5th Period 11:55am-1:00pm World History 
6th Period 1:05pm-2:00pm World History 
7th Period 2:05pm-3:00pm World History 
8th Period 3:05pm-4:05pm World History

Useful Links 









Monthly Calender 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


In Class. Begin Ch.7 Discussion Over WW2.

HW. Read Ch.7 Section 1 pg.335.











In Class. Quiz and Discussion over Ch.7 Section 1. Begin Vocabulary over Ch.7

HW. Finish Chapter Vocab & Study for Vocab quiz.








In Class. Quiz over Ch.7 Vocab. Begin reading Ch.7 Section 2 in class. 

HW. Finish reading Section 2 & answer section 2 review questions on pg.250. 




In Class. Quiz and Discussion over Section 2. Begin reading Section 3 in Class.

HW. Finish reading Section 3 and study for Test on Friday!!!!







In Class. Test over Ch.7

HW. Write a 1 page, double spaced, point 12 font Summary of what you learned, understood better, or dont understand about Ch.7 and submit hard copy in class Monday. 









































Important Assignments!!!

History interview: For this assignment students are required to interview someone born and lived in a different country other then the U.S. and Canada. The students will be required to type a 3 page reflection essay over the interview as well as present to the class who and why they choose to interview their given person. This assignment will be 15% of the students final grade. 

Country project: The students will be required to give a 10 minute presentation over a country of there choosing other then the U.S. This presentation should be used with some type of presentation software such as PowerPoint or Prezi. This assignment will be 10% of the students entire test grade. 

Foreign Culture experience: For this assignment the students will be asked to experience a different culture once during the semester. This can be by experiencing food in a Middle Eastern restaurant, attending a foreign culture concert, or visiting a museum. The students will then be asked to type a 2 page summary of there experience as well as a 5 minute presentation to the class. This assignment is 10% of the students final grade.