private owners selling homes

How is the process of selling a property?

A real estate sale process has a substantial effect on people's lives. That is why we consider it essential that buyers and sellers fully understand the steps in this process.

When you interact with a reliable real estate agency, one of the first things you will notice is that every process has a documented basis on paper. Because of this, we consider it essential to document the sale of each of the properties we manage.

Visually seeing this process can help you in a valuable way to understand what tasks should be carried out and by whom. A step by step like the one shown below will give you a better idea of it and will provide you with more visibility and security so that you can run a more reliable private owners selling homes process.

Step 1: Notice of Intent to Sell

The first step in this process occurs when an owner notifies us of his intention to sell his property. The person can do it personally or in the option of publishing your property on best website for homes for sale by owner.

Step 2: Visit and Appraisal

After talking for the first time with the owner, buyer visited the property to be put up for sale. There, all the necessary measurements and data are taken to carry out a complete appraisal. This appraisal may be free if you agree with buyer on the exclusivity of the property's sale.

Step 3: Marketing and Promotion

In this step, buyer uses all the means at their disposal to promote a property to the most successful potential clients. This includes promotion through website and detailed delivery of the property data to real estate agents.

As soon as an interested person is found, buyer can proceed to the property negotiation step.

Step 4: Negotiation and Closing

After a process is mediated by agents, in which the property is negotiated, and all factors related to the property are taken into account, a purchase agreement is reached. At this point, the property deeds are prepared, and said pre-agreement is documented in a promise of sale. In the same way, they make all the legal and documentation validations necessary for the satisfaction of all parties. If owner want to sell his house privately sold houses, then it save this commission money.

Step 5: Additional Management

A good Real Estate agent advises the parties in the additional management of the property. Procedures such as the cancellation of mortgages or property tax review (which is done at the same time as the negotiation and preparation of the purchase agreement) or the settlement of pending accounts with companies of owners or providers of public services.

When the final deed of sale is delivered, real estate agent proceeds to transfer the ownership of the different services such as electricity, water, etc. They put at the disposal of clients a whole team of legal and financial advice to complete the process of buying and selling a property.