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Kindergarten Goals


  • We have high expectations for our kindergarten students.

  • We expect each student to be able to say the names and sounds of all the letters in the alphabets.

  • We send home a list of 10 words we expect each child to memorize.  A few weeks later, we send home another 10 words.  We will be sending home a total of 70 words.  PLEASE practice these words with your child.  Make flash cards, keep them in the car or your purse, pull them out and review these frequently used sight words so that your child knows them instantly

  • We learn how to count to 100.  Each child will be expected to be able to to count 40 object.  By the end of kindergarten we want each child to be able to add and subract numbers from 0 to 20.  Please use items at home to work on "take away to make a smaller number " and "add these together to make a bigger number".  Touching the items while counting is normal, but we hope to be able to teach each kindergartener the skill of finding the bigger number, then count on to find the sum.  Playing counting games at home will help your child to become comfortable with these skills.  

  • I will work with your child for 4 days, and then you have THREE days with your child. I teach in a whole group, or small group setting.  Research has shown that one-on-one teaching is most productive.  Knowing that YOU have the best scinerio at home to provide your child with the most ideal learning situation, we want you to do homework with your child.  We will give you ideas at parent night, support with supplies and games, and we BEG that you use your 3 days at home to work extra hours with your child.  Along with nightly reading practice.  It is a big step to have a child start school.  At the charter school we hope you take this step with your child.

  • We have high behavior expectations too.  Your child is expected to be responsible with their own back pack and lunch.  They clean up their own messes, and to treat school property with respect.  We want your child to use their manners.  If they don't have manners yet we make sure we teach them how to take turns, how to say "Thank You, Please, Excuse me" etc.  We enstill in each child a concept of the "Gold Rule" which is to treat others how they want to be treated.  We encourage the skill of conflict management by using an "I" statement such as "I don't like it when you say mean things, and I want to play with you if you will stop saying mean things."  We teach students to keep their hands to themselves.  We work on staying in their own square and space.  Each child is taught to raise their hand before speaking in class, this means they learn not to interupt, and to wait for their turn to talk.   IF YOU WILL EXPECT YOUR CHILD TO HAVE BETTER BEHAVIOR AT HOME YOU WILL SEE A HUGE MATURITY LEVEL JUMP.  KINDERGARTENERS CAN BE BIG KIDS!!  IF YOU HAVEN'T TAUGHT YOUR CHILD TO BE THIS REPSONIBLE YET... TAKE ADAVANTAGE OF MY HARD WORK.  cheeky   If you practice these things at home, then school will run smoother for your child too.  Let's work together to make your child be a more responsible, kinder, and happier student.