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Welcome to SACES Before & After Care Site!

Welcome to Southern Avenue Charter Elementary School's After Care web page!

The mission of Southern Avenue Charter School of Academic Excellence and Creative Arts is to educate the "whole child" to experience academic and social successes through a variety of research-based, data-driven teaching methods and brain developing activities. The cornerstones of this public charter school are literacy and parental involvement.

The goal for Southern Avenue's After Care program is to provide additional support to the students academic success and to provide a forum for creative expression through the arts, sports, and other kinesthetic activities. We recognize that our students are unique individuals that have various needs. Our After Care Staff Members are committed to meeting the children where they are and work toward optimal growth toward their goals.

Southern Avenue Charter Elementary School

2221 Democrat Road

Memphis, TN 38132

(901) 743-7335

(901) 743-7677

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