The Kaleidoscope Program is a part of the After School Program where the students participate in a number of activities to provide a well rounded experience for each one. The following classes are offered:

Ballet, Choreography, Dramatic Arts, Step, Suzuki Piano, Suzuki Violin, Taekwondo, Chess, Spoken Word/ Poetry, Creative Writing, Group Piano, Choir, Mental Math, Photography, Art, Scrapbook, Beta Club, Environmental Club, Math and Science Club, Mileage Club, Miss Manners, Spanish Club, Ties for Tuesdays, Visual Arts Club, Yearbook, Yoga, Culinary Arts, Book Club, Community Outreach, Technology Club, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Boys' Soccer, and Girls' Soccer

All students participate in at least two of the Kaleidoscope classes each week.