Life Science

                   The first exam for Life Science will be Friday 10/2/10. Students have been given a review sheet, which was completed in

                   class as well as a description of the format of the class. The test will be on the first chapter of the texbook. 


 Social Studies 

                    Students have already completed the first quiz. There grades are available upon request. The first test will be on

                    10/2/10. The material that will be covered is from the first two chaptes of the Social Studies text, as well as from the

                    maps and activities workbook. The students have already seen the format for this exam and a continuation of the

                    review will be done in class on 9/30/10.



                    The first Math Exam will be on Monday, 10/5/10. This test will be on the first chapter of the math textbook. The

                    format for this exam will be given on Thursday 9/30/10.