My Biography

Thank you for your interest in my portfolio:


Hi :-)! My name is Alana Heyligers.  


     My email address is  I am a high school Math teacher.  I have been teaching at my current position at Nassau BOCES for seven years.  I teach Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry to high-risk students.  It is a very challenging and fulfilling position with the “highs being very high and the lows being very low”.   Students are placed in my school for a myriad of reasons.  Our job is to help them succeed.  And yes, this is what I love about where I teach.


     When a student, for example, who has failed the Integrated Algebra Regents twice and then finally passes, it is such a wonderful and emotional experience.  Our success is based on several factors that we, as a non-traditional school, are able to provide.  The class sizes are usually less than ten, counseling services are more readily available, deadlines are more relaxed than in a traditional school, and alternative assessments are used often.


  Prior to teaching I was a systems analyst in an insurance firm in New York City.  I have two children in college; a daughter at the University of Michigan and a son at Northwestern University.  They are both very proud of me as I have pursued my dream of teaching later on in my life.  When I am not teaching, I like to travel, enjoy cooking, and going to see shows on Broadway.