What’s the use of buying bitcoins?


Bitcoin is been moving around in the news for quite a couple of weeks now, but many of thepeople still don’t know the word bitcoins or crypto currency. Do Bitcoins have the potential to become the best online currency in the upcoming future? That was just a question which was being asked by the public regularly about the bitcoins.

Bitcoin is the best type of currency which is available to you digitally and that is also known as cryptocurrency, which is also independent from the conventional banking system and it came intoexistence in the year 2009. According to few of the online traders that are now at the top, they consider Bitcoins as the best currency that is available digitallyand which relies mainly on networksof computer for solving the difficult problems of mathematics, so that it can verify and save the exact details that are made by any transaction mode.


The exchange rate of bitcoins is not dependent on the central bank, and there’s no such single authority which cangovern the supply of bitcoins. However, the price of bitcoin is all dependent on the confidence level that its users are having, if the major companies will start accepting Bitcoin as its primary method of payment, then the success rate of Bitcoin will automatically increase.



One of the best benefits of using Bitcoins is that it has a low risk of inflation. Generally, the traditional currencies get suffered frominflation and they always loose the power of purchasing every year


Bitcoin usually is on a lower risk side of collapsing unlike the traditional currencies which many times collapses because they heavily rely on the governments. When any currency collapses, then it always leads to inflation that becomes very hyper or it can also destroy yoursavings instantly.


Bitcoin is also very easy to carry around. billionsof dollars in the form of Bitcoins can get stored easily on a memory card and you can carry it in your pocket with ease. It is very easy to carry Bitcoins when compared to the paper money.

If you’re living in India then it is a good chance to buy bitcoin in India. People have made a lot of money from bitcoins. Bitcoin rate in India is reaching its heights now.


You don’t necessarily have to rush and buy the bitcoins just wait for the right moment, when cryptocurrency to INR rate would be less you should never sell it on that point. If you see the point where the BTC to INR rate is very high then you should go and sell it because that will be the time where you will make most of the profit.


Ethereum is also one of the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Etherium is the second largest electronic currency platform, behind bitcoin. ETH to INR rate is also going good in the Indian market. Same also applies to ethereum as well, when the ethereum to INR rate will get at it’s peak and you know that it will not go beyond that point, then it’s the best time you sell it and earn a lot of money.