Persuasive Essays: A Simple 2021 Guide

An essay is a brief piece of writing on a particular topic, often written from an author's personal point of view. Essays can be used for just about any purpose -- such as to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader. You can even get your persuasive essay from this legit essay writing service.

How do you write an essay?

Most other types of writing involve simply listing facts and information in chronological order as they occurred. However, when it comes to persuasive essays, there are different criteria that must be fulfilled before the end product will be considered effective. In general most persuasive essays adhere to four basic components:

1) Introduction - This should include who you are (your credentials), some background info on the subject being discussed AND your thesis statement. Basically this introduction should tell your reader the benefits of reading the rest of your essay.


2) Body Paragraphs - These are your main points which you will support with facts and/or quotes from qualified sources. This paragraph or paragraphs should be organized in a way that expresses a logical sequence or flow by using syntax, transitional phrases and conjunctions.

3) Evidence - You'll want to include at least 2-3 pieces of evidence per body paragraph so that your reader has enough information to better understand the point you're attempting to make. The best type of evidence lies within research articles, studies, surveys, etc... You could also use personal stories (anecdotal evidence) as long as they are true examples that happened to yourself or others who have first hand knowledge of the subject.

4) Conclusion - This is where you'll summarize all of the evidence and your main points into one short paragraph. You might also want to create a call to action for the reader so they can take some sort of action after reading your essay... This could be in terms of making a decision to purchase something, visit a place, leave some sort of feedback or open their mind up to a new way of thinking about an issue.

In order for any persuasive essay to be effective it must first gain the interest & attention of its audience . It needs to have enough credible information or examples that will make most people think "Yeah, I never thought about it like that before.", which should then compel them to read further. If the reader doesn't feel like your essay has any value then they will most likely stop reading after just a few sentences. 

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To make sure you capture your reader's attention from the very start, it's important to follow some simple guidelines:


- Keep paragraphs short and snappy (no longer than 5 - 7 sentences per paragraph) and be sure to leave plenty of white space for readability purposes


- Always use an engaging & professional tone -- don't get overly emotional about a topic or try being too funny as this will come off as unprofessional & distracts from your main points

- Use bullet points if possible instead of lengthy run on sentences, especially when listing examples or reasons why something is happening your way (i.e. using a bulleted list will make your essay easier to read)

- If you make a statement about something that's based on logic or facts, always include the research source or at least provide an endnote reference in parenthesis after the sentence so it's easy for the reader to find & verify this info if they need to. You can even take help from this online essay writing service.


When writing any persuasive essay it's important not only to have enough information and examples to back up your points but also give logical reasons why people should agree with you. This means there should be some sort of social incentive that makes sense from both a practical & emotional perspective... It could be anything from saving time, money, frustration, etc... Your goal is to convince others that your way of thinking makes the most sense and is easier for them than any other alternatives.


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