About Me

Hello Parents/Guardians,

My name is Ms. Alexis Edwards and I am the proud teacher of your 5th graders this year. 

This is my third year teaching at Tuskegee Elementary School and fifth year teaching in my teaching career.

I am originally from Georgia and have lived there my entire life until I left for college to attend the Illustrious Tuskegee University where I received my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I then went on to receive my Master's in Curriculum from Stanford University.

Since the third grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. For the oddest reason too, I hated school. I became a teacher in the hopes of making sure that students do not feel that same way I did about school. I believe in our future and I also believe that children are our future. If a student ever feels the way I did AND continues to feel for the rest of their academic career that will severely affect their motivation and attention. I hope to stop this thinking early in the child's academic career and help them to find some common ground with school and learning that they will carry with them or the rest o their lives.

My beliefs on teaching are short and simple - No One is Out of Reach. I believe that if there is a problem there is a solution out there to fix that problem. As long as students have the determination to overcome their roadblocks to success I believe that we can work together (parent/guardian, student, and the teacher) to create a learning environment where the student does not feel hindered to learn.

“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism."  - David M. Burns


Ms. Edwards