Alex Picture


This page shows Alexandrea at two months after the implant.
It is Halloween.
One of Alexandrea's favorite Television Shows is
The Big Comfy Couch.
Because of that,
her mother made her a clown.
This is good.
Her mother has clowns in the family.
Alex's Uncle Peter is a clown. 

Here Alex is holding her Molly Doll.
She had such a wonderful time at her school
Holloween Party.
The blue belt she is wearing is not part of the costume.
That is the pacc she wears her Processor in.
She received the Nucleus 24.
They gave us both the
Behind the Ear Processor
and the traditional model.
She will wear the larger one as she learns how to use them.
Then, as she becomes older and more responsible with her equipment,
we will let her start to use the Behind the Ear Model.