AP Statistics Syllabus

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Course Title:  AP Statistics                                                                                   e-mail:  alfonsom@dadeschools.net                          

Course Number:  1210320                                                                                    305-649-9800 X 2281

Instructor:  Ms. Maylen Alfonso                                                          


Goal:  The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop and apply knowledge of statistics and probability to design experiments, collect and analyze data, and reach appropriate inferences and conclusions.


Course Topics:

1st Nine Weeks:                       The Role of Statistics

 The Data Analysis Process and Collecting Data Sensibly

  Graphical Methods for Describing Data

  Numerical Methods for Describing Data


                2nd Nine Weeks:                  Summarizing Bivariate Data


  Random Variables and Probability Distributions

  Sampling Variability and Sampling Distributions


3rd Nine Weeks:                      Estimation Using a Single Sample

  Hypothesis Testing Using a Single Sample

  Comparing Two Populations or Treatments


4th Nine Weeks:                      The Analysis of Categorical Data and Goodness-of-Fit Tests

  Simple Linear Regression and Correlation:  Inferential Methods


Texts and Materials (Students are required to bring materials to class every day):

?         Peck, Olson, and Devore’s  Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, 2004

?         Notebook (3-ring binder), Paper, Graph Paper, Ruler, Pencils, Eraser

?         Graphing Calculator (TI-83+ or better) which will be necessary for completing homework assignments. 

Students can borrow a calculator from the school.


Other Resources:  As an extra help and review, the students have free access to the following web site:  http://www.duxbury.com


Attendance:  Students cannot learn unless they are present, and good attendance usually results in success.  Students must request and make-up all missed work during the week after their excused absence (excluding homework which will be due the class session after their absence).  Any student, who has accumulated ten or more unexcused absences (5 days since absences are doubled) for the entire school year, will receive a NC (no credit), if they are passing the class.  


Testing:  Chapter and other major tests will be announced and will count three grades each.  Quizzes may not be announced and count one grade each.  Together, special assignments, quizzes and tests, will make up 55% of the final grade. 


IPODS:  The first ten minutes of class time will be dedicated to AP Exam style problems.  Student participation in this activity will make up 10% of their class grade. 

Tutoring:  It is the responsibility of the student to seek extra help whenever necessary.  Tutoring will be offered after school, free of charge, Mondays and Thursdays, 2:20 to 3:20. Interim progress reports, failure notices and report cards are sent home periodically with the student to keep parents informed of their son/daughter’s progress.  Tentative progress report dates are Sept, Nov, Feb, and Apr.  Tentative report card dates are Oct, Jan, Mar, and June. Parents can also check their son/daughter’s progress and attendance through the parent portal at http://myportal.dadeschools.net/parent/ .


Grades:  Tests and quizzes are 55%, homework and class work are 20%, projects and activities are 15% and IPODS are 10% of the final grade.  Letter grades will be assigned as follows:



Interim progress reports, failure notices and report cards are sent home periodically with the student to keep parents informed of their son/daughter’s progress.  Tentative progress report dates are Sept, Nov, Feb, and Apr.  Tentative report card dates are Oct, Jan, Mar, and June.  Parents can also check their son/daughter’s progress and attendance through the parent portal at http://myportal.dadeschools.net/parent/. 



1.        Be in your assigned seat and working on your IPOD’s.

2.        Bring all books and materials to class.

3.        No personal grooming during class.

4.        No eating or drinking in the classroom.  (You will be asked to put the food or drink in the trashcan.)

5.        Do not use your cell phones or other electronic devices in class.  (They will be confiscated if seen.)

6.        Respect others:  No cursing or teasing.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

7.        Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.



First Offense:  Warning                     Second Offense:  Parent Contact                      Third Offense:  SCSI and/or referral

 Please be aware that the teacher will confiscate grooming materials, cell phones, CD players, headsets and any other object that is interfering with the learning environment on the first offense.  The object will only be returned to the parent.  On the second offence, the device will not be returned until the end of the school year. 

Classroom Procedures 

1.  Notes:  Students must keep a binder with 3 tabs for Notes, Assignments, and IPODS.  The notes should be dated and kept in order.  It is imperative that students who have been absent copy from a responsible classmate the notes that they have missed. 


2.   Homework and Assignments:  Homework is due at the beginning of each period.  I will not accept any late assignments.  If you are absent, you are responsible for having the assignment due.  You can get the assignment from a friend.  If you are absent for one class period, both homeworks will be due on your return: the homework due on the day of the absence and the homework due on the day back.  If you are absent for more than one class, I will accommodate the due dates.  A correct heading is required on every assignment in the upper right-hand corner, as follows:           



Section in book, page number, assigned problems


3.  Calculators:  Assignments, tests and the AP exam will require the use of a graphing calculator.  Therefore, it is imperative that students practice using the graphing calculator outside of class.  Students who do not have graphing calculators can borrow one once they return the calculator agreement signed by both them and their parents.


4.  Hall passes:  Every nine weeks you will receive two restroom passes. Do not ask for a pass during the first ten minutes of class, the last ten minutes of class, nor during a lecture unless it is an extreme emergency.  Please, use your passes wisely.  If you must use the restroom often due to medical reasons, bring a doctors’ note and I will accommodate you.  Passes not used will be rolled over to the next nine week period.  In case of an extreme emergency, if you have already used up all your restroom passes for the nine week period, you may go to the restroom in exchange for a 15 minute after school detention.  If the detention is not served, you will lose your restroom passes for the remainder of the school year.


5.  Requesting make-up work:  If you have been absent, it is your responsibility to get the make-up work.


6.  Leaving the classroom:  You must remain in your assigned seat throughout the entire class.  When the bell rings I will dismiss you.  You may not stand by the door to wait for the bell.


What we have to learn to do,

we learn by doing.

---Aristotle (B.C. 384-322)