About Alfred Sisley

Sisley Was Born In Paris On October 30 , 1839 . He Died On January 29 , 1899 . He Spent Most Of His Life In France . When His Was 18 He Was Sent Away To London To Study Career And Business , But He Abandoned It For 4 Years And Went Back To Paris In 1861 . In 1862 He Studied At The Ateleir At Swiss . He Became Freinds With Alot Of Famous Artists . Together They Painted Landscapes En Plein Air . In 1866 He Got Into A Relationship With Eugénie Lesouezec . They Had Two Kids , A Son Pierre And A Daughter Jeanne . Alfred Sisley Was An Impressionism . He Painted Alot Of Art Work In His Life Time . He Became Famous When He Had Died And His Art Work Spilled Out And People Found Out About Him . He Had A Pretty Progressive Life And Was Quite Successful . He Did Beautiuful Paintngs .