2021-2022 Syllabus

Jackson’s Math Syllabus


                           Student Background

- My expectations for students entering my class is that they are comfortable in the following areas:

- Basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, with limited hesitancy

- Basic knowledge of how to factor and recognize prime numbers (2, 23, 59,...) to 100 and recognize squares (22)

- Familiarity of simple problem solving strategies


Supplies Needed (MUST HAVES)

Crosswalk Performance Coach (provided in class)

2-3 Composition books: Unit notes

Pencils (2-3 per day): Students are expected to do math work in pencil ONLY.

Paper: an ample supply of loose-leaf notebook paper (work submission cannot be torn out of a spiral notebook)

3-Prong Folder/or Binder: safe keeping of printed math documents

****Zip-locked bag of spare set of clothes (minimizes wait and wasted time for parent to bring when there’s a possible incident…to be kept in LOCKER)




Students are expected to attend school daily.  As stated by the Brooks County School System, students cannot miss more than 5 days of school, otherwise he/she risks retention.  We understand the uncertainties of life events, but it is important that your child is in attendance DAILY.  Tardy is defined as not being in your designated classroom before the selected class period begins. If a student has been excused by another teacher, he/she must come to class with a signed pass with their time of leave from that teacher.  Students will not be allowed in class without a pass, nor will he/she be provided any missed notes or time to complete any missed assignments.



 Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to come to class EVERYDAY prepared and ready to learn with a positive attitude.  Students are required to act in a behavior conducive to learning, according to the Dougherty County School System’s code of conduct, and those rules established by Robert Cross Middle School. If students are not able to follow the rules, they will be disciplined according to the steps and procedures detailed in the Student Handbook. 

 Students are expected to...

  1. Listen carefully and follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
  2. Raise your hand to get permission to speak or get out of your seat during lessons.
  3. Show respect to others and their property.
  4. Work quietly and independently, unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Always do your best!

 ***If a student chooses to deviate from classroom expectations:

  • 1st Consequence - Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Consequence - Afterschool detention (not negotiable)/Parent contacted
  • 3rd Consequence – Parent conference AND/OR Office Referral




School to Home Communication

Grades will be posted in Infinite Campus within a week of completion as they will be allowed opportunities for grade redemptions (teacher’s discretion). Grades will be updated as often as possible.  Progress reports and report cards will be sent home as scheduled by the school system.  It is your child’s responsibility to bring these and other important documents home to you throughout the school year.  Phone calls, notes, or emails will come from the teacher on an “as needed” basis, however, I encourage you as parents/guardians to contact me via phone, note, or email when questions arise.  I will respond at my earliest convenience.



Course Outline (UNITS)

(The following is an overview of the curriculum; dates are subject to change pending student mastery)


(dates) – UNIT 1: The Number System FluencyStudents will apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions.


() –UNIT 2: Rate, Ratio and Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions: Students will understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems.


() – UNIT 3: ExpressionsStudents will apply and extend previous understandings of arithmetic to algebraic expressions.


() – UNIT 4: One-Step Equations and InequalitiesStudents will reason about and solve one-variable equations and inequalities.


() – UNIT 5: Area & VolumeStudents will solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume.


() – UNIT 6: StatisticsStudents will develop understanding of statistical variability and summarize and describe distributions.


() – UNIT 7: Rational Explorations: Numbers and Their OppositesStudents will apply and extend previous understandings of numbers to the system of rational numbers.


()– Seventh Grade PreviewStudents will apply and extend previous understandings of operations with fractions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.



Nine Week Projects

Students are expected to complete one math project per nine week period as a test grade.  Students will receive information on these projects as the date arises.  Each project will include detailed directions along with a rubric.  Students will be given ample time to complete projects.  Students will be graded on a rubric which will communicate the expectations of the project and assess specific criteria of the assignment.  Any project not submitted will receive a grade of “0” zero.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS...NO EXCEPTIONS.  (See projects tab to the LEFT)





Students are expected to participate consistently, enthusiastically, and in a positive manner during whole class, small group, and individual lessons.  Participation in class activities and class assignments are important to informally assess student learning and understanding.  Participating in note-taking is a major part of the class experience. Students are expected to take notes in their composition books.  Notes will allow you to see what the focus was for the day, and should also provide guidance during homework attempts.  ***Extra credit opportunities are not provided as students are urged to focus in class, take notes, study concepts, and most of all PRACTICE skills.***


 Quizzes/Summative Assessments

A quiz may be given weekly/or bi-monthly at the conclusion of a standard(s) to check for student mastery.  Notes will not be used on assessments as they should be used for studying and clarification of learned concepts.  Summative assessments will be given within a 4-5 week period (tentative) as a unit of study is completed.  The summative assessment includes a collection of standards students have been introduced to.


Homework is 10%

Students are assigned homework Mon.–Thurs. to reinforce key math concepts and is checked for completion daily (will change if/when students receive devices).  Homework will focus on learned skills for the day or may sometimes be a review of previous learned skills.  Students are expected to study vocabulary daily as this will enable their use of math language in their constructed responses.  To receive credit for homework, students must do the following: submit the day it is due (days absent will not be accepted without permissible excuse), show all work (when appropriate), and attempt ALL problems…NO exceptions.  NO HOMEWORK PASSES OFFERED.

Make-up Work

While students are encouraged to be present, we do understand unforeseen events.  ONLY students with an excused (parent-written notes are non-excusable) absence will be allowed to make up work.  Students will have 5 days upon returning to complete their missed work after school not to exceed 3:45pm Mon-Thurs.  Please send a note or call in advance to check for after school availability; transportation must be arranged.  If assignments are not completed, grades will result in a zero...no exceptions.  THIS IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY.


 Grading Scale/Promotion Requirements

A = 100 - 90   B = 89 - 80   C = 79 – 70    F = 69 - 0

In order to be PROMOTED to the Seventh grade, students are required to pass ALL academic classes, a year’s worth of connection classes, both P.E. classes, and the Georgia Milestones Assessment.  Students will also expected to have an equivalence of 6.6 or higher on the STAR Reading Assessment.  The lowest quiz score and the lowest homework score will be dropped from the grade book at the end of each 9 week period.

 *** 6th Grade Consistent Grading Policy***

Weekly Assessments: 30%   Classwork: 25%     Summative Assessments: 35%    Homework: 10%


 Infinite Campus

Grades will be updated as often as possible and should be reviewed regularly in order to stay current on your student’s performance and progress. I plan to send grade reports home on an “as-needed” basis for students with a grade average (not individual assignments) lower than 70% for review by parents/guardians. Please sign to acknowledge your awareness of the concern and have your student return the report to me the following school day.  A copy will be sent back to you.


 Restroom Breaks

Students will be allowed a restroom break every morning during Connection classes by their respected teacher.  Another break will be taken after lunch.  Students should make use of this time and attempt to use the restroom.  NO student will be allowed to disrupt class time for individual restroom breaks during their class period, as we MUST maximize our instructional time for the best end results.  If there is a medical issue pertaining to more restroom visits needed, a doctor’s note IS required and must be on file.



All students are expected to purchase a hall locker ($5.00) and P.E. locker ($3.00).  NO cellular devices, purses, backpacks, or bags of any kind will be permitted in the classroom.  This minimizes classroom distractions which often lead to disruptions.  If there is a concern, please feel free to contact the teacher.


Class Website


To stay current on what your child is learning in the classroom, it is suggested that you stay updated through my class website.  You can find homework assignments, class quiz/test dates and data (no individual scores or names used) and dates, upcoming events, class notes, etc. 


 After-School Tutorial

Tutorial is AS NEEDED from 3:30pm -4:00pm...starting date TBD.  Schedule is subject to change.   During this time, students can receive remediation in a smaller group or possibly 1:1.  Student’s participation is at the teacher’s discretion.  Meaning, if your child is disruptive in class, not taking notes, and/or not completing assignments, he/she will not be allowed to stay.  Students must have transportation from school. 


**Disclaimer: The contents of this syllabus may change over the school year as needs arise. I reserve the right to change the contents of this syllabus. If changes are made, parents and students will be notified.