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All Star Announcements!

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                          February 1, 2010


Your child has completed the first half of his/her sixth grade year at McKinley Middle Charter School!  Now that your student has settled into their middle school routine, it is our expectation that they be held accountable for their academic work as well as their behavior in and out of the classroom.  On Monday January 25th, the All Star teachers held a meeting with the entire team of students to review rules, procedures, and academic expectations.  Our job now, is to prepare your child for seventh grade where they need to be more independent and responsible. While our expectations have not changed during the year, consequences and rewards have been put into place to help your student recognize their personal responsibilities and ensure compliance with school rules and routines.

 Expectations for Second Semester

Students need to be on time for class.

Students need to have all materials and academic work in class.

Students may visit lockers at designated times only.

No play fighting or horseplay allowed in the classroom or hallways.

Students will remain appropriately seated during class and focused on active learning.

Students need to raise their hands- no blurting.

There is NO gum, food, or beverages of any kind allowed outside of the cafeteria.

No toys (i.e. electronics, rubber bands, “mosquitoes”, etc) in school.



1st infraction- 30 minute detention after school

2nd infraction- 45 minute detention after school

3rd infraction- blue slip referral to the office

*Parents will be called and/or notified by detention slip.



For students with no behavioral problems and all work completed for the week:

Monthly break-out activities

Fun Friday study centers

Free privilege passes

“Caught Being Good” Wall of Fame


These policies have been enacted to ensure that your student has a successful second semester in sixth grade and to fully prepare them for seventh grade. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call, or write a note in your child’s planner.

 Email Addresses:    


Homework site:

Phone Number: 262-664-6150



 • Class Schedule Times:

Period 1             8:25 – 9:22  

Period 2            9:26 – 10:22  

Period 3            10:26 – 11:22  

Period 4            11:26 – 12:22 

    Study Center     11:26 – 11:52

    Lunch                 11:56 – 12:22 

Period 5            12:26 – 1:22  

Period 6            1:26 – 2:23 

Period 7            2:27 – 3:25    


All Star Teacher Emails:

Amy Bartel (Reading, Language Arts, and Science)

Vicki Brocksopp (Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math)

Cindy Guiney (Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies)

Ashley Vail (Reading, Language Arts, and Math)