KissCartoon – 20 Best Alternatives And Mirrors in 2022


Are you too worried after the Kisscartoon shut down and wondering now from where do you watch and enjoy your favourite or latest Animes or movies?


Then we have a surprise for you below, read on to know what we have for you.

Any guesses? 

Don't see the title. 


Apart from that, our readers who are still unacquainted with the kisscartoon and what happened to it?

It's our moral duty to acquaint ourselves with our lovely readers.

Let's begin.

What is kissCartoon?


Kisscartoon is widely known for providing streaming of high quality and with a wide range of Animes, US cartoons and movies.

Numerous sites which are known for free online streaming of  Anime are organized and managed by the KissAnime network.


Kisscartoon is also renowned for its easy accessibility and safe streaming of all your favourite cartoons and anime at one destination.



What got Kisscartoon shut down?


Kisscartoon's real website got ramped down in 2017 all of a sudden which was no less than a heart attack to the "weebs"( anime buffs).

The Reason behind this astonishing shut down of Kisscartoon was said Due to Copyright issues and it was caught by DMCA.


We know all the Anime fanatics were kind of Sad and disheartened by the abrupt shut down of Kisscartoons but you don't have to worry as we are here with great news.


Now, you can watch your favourite and latest Anime shows like before.

Yes, you have seen it right.


So without increasing your curiosity level, let's see the best kisscartoon Alternatives.

KissCartoon Alternatives.

We know how Anime fans are devoted to their favourite Anime shows. In our minds, we have researched not One, two or fives alternatives but a list of 20 KissCartoon Alternatives.


  1. Cartooncrazy


  1. Crunchyroll




  1. Animetoon


  1. Cartoons. on


  1. 9Anime


  1. Kimcartoon. to


  1. KissAnime


  1. Kisscartoon.Info


  1.  KimCartoon.Biz


  1.  Cartooncrazy


  1.  ChiaAnime


  1.  WatchCartoonOnline


  1.  B98.TV


  1.  AnimeLab


  1.  KissCartoon.Pro


  1.  ToonGet



  1.  AnimePlanet


  1.  DubbedAnime


  1.  WatchAnimeDub


The Takeaway

We know that no one takes the place of the Original Kisscartoon website but we can't control what's going to happen.

So it better be to move on.

Now that you have 20 Alternatives of Kisscartoon, you can rewatch and experience the same thrill of watching your favourite Anime shows.

We wish that our research will end your west of searching Best Kisscartoon Alternatives.