PFP304 Interviewing and Investigating

Welcome to Interviewing and Investigations!

This course focuses on interviewing and investigation skills.  Students develop the interviewing skills necessary to retreive information from victims, witnessess and suspects.  They also learn the basic steps of investigation including the practical development of note taking and observation skills.

Online Classes:

  • Each online class will be split into two parts:  The first part will consist of 2 hours of lecture online through Contact North, The second part will be an assignment that you will need to complete within a 2 hour span and email me your answer.  
  • Everything in this class is done during our scheduled time so DO NOT MISS CLASS!  It all counts!  That means after class isnt scheduled, you are free and there is no homework!

Course Evaluation:

  • Tests: 60%
    • This will be completed each day we have a scheduled class
  • Term Assignment: 20%
    • Interrogate your teacher!
  • Interview Practice: 10%
    • This will be done in class
  • Note Taking: 10%
    • To be done in class 


Daily Activities: