My Student Teaching Experience

As of February I began my student teaching experience at Cannon's Elementary in Spartanburg, SC. This page will be dedicated to all of the fun adventures my 5th grade class and I will embark on!


    Wow my first day was filled with nerves and excitement. I observed a ELA/SS class for the day and was amazed at how well the students were able to grasp the concepts and work with their Project Based Learning (PBL). My first day, was a great experience and I am super excited to see where the class takes me.


      So today was a half day, and I was given the responsibility of bus duty. Let's just say that was an experience. After the day concluded my co-op teacher and I went to a meeting at a local high school to learn about different strategies in education. I was the only person who clearly did not belong, because everyone was able to give clear cut answers, so it was a definitely a great learning experience that gave me insight to all of these new strategies I never would of thought of.