ELA (May 18-May 22)

This week, only one "paper" assignment will count towards your ELA grade.  The assignment is in red.  If you would like to share additional work, you may, but it is not required. We know that everyone is busy and we trust that you are completing the work.  

If possible, please return the work the day you complete it.  This will allow us to provide timely feedback to your child. If not, one submission of all assignments by Friday at 3:30 is still an option. Please pick a method that will work best for your family during this time.

Your spelling test will be graded and recorded by your ELA teacher. This week, we are only grading the words section. This section will be worth 10 points.  After we check it, we will recorded the grade in Skyward.


Monday, May 18

1. Read Frindle Chapters 9 and 10. 

Click here for Chapter 9.

Click here for Chapter  10.


2. Complete the comprehension check pages for Chapters 9 and 10.

Click here for all comprehension pages.


Tuesday, May 19

1. Read Frindle Chapters 11 and 12. 

Click here for Chapter 11.

Click here for Chapter  12.


2. Complete the comprehension check pages for Chapters 11 and 12.

Click here for all comprehension pages.


Wednesday, May 20

1. Read Frindle Chapter 13.

Click here for Chapter 13.


2. Complete the comprehension check pages for Chapter 13.

Click here for all comprehension pages.


Thursday, May 21

1. Read Frindle Chapter 14.

Click here for Chapter 14.


2. Complete the comprehension check pages for Chapter 14.

Click here for all comprehension pages.


Friday, May 22

1. Read Frindle Chapter 15.

Click here for Chapter 15.


2. Complete the comprehension check pages for Chapter 15.

Click here for all comprehension pages.


3. Spelling Test

Click here for the digital version.

Click here for the at home directions.


Week #8  Friday-ELA Submission Checklist

All assignments due by Friday at 3:30


Spelling test (use the directions or the video designated for your class)