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Benjamin Franklin: The Politician

Timeline of Ben Franklin's Political Career:


October 1748 - Selected as a councilman in Philadelphia

June 1749 - Became a Justice of Peace in Philadelphia

August 1753 - Appointed joint deputy postmaster-general of North America where he reformed the postal system, sending out mail every week

1753 - Received honorary degrees from Harvard University and Yale University

1754- Headed the Pennsylvania delegation to the Albany Congress

1756 - Organized the Pennsylvania Militia

1757 - Sent to England by the Pennsylvania Assembly to protest against the political influence of the Penn family

1764 - Led the Anti-Proprietary party and was elected Speaker of the Pennsylvania House

1775 - Became the first United States Postmaster General

1776 - Appointed to the committee of five to draft the Declaration of Independence

1776 - 1785 - Ambassador to France

1785 - Elected President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania (modern day Governor)








Get 2 Months for $5!