Classroom Rules

Pre-requisite: Everyone in this class must have already taken and passed Biology I.



            1 Binder for Notes                          Small Amount of Notebook Paper                    

              12 pack of Colored Pencils             Pens or Pencils


Attendance/Tardies:  You are allowed only 5 total absences in this class.  That includes tardies adding up to 5.  If you are not in this room when the bell rings, then you are tardy, no exceptions. For every tardy you receive, you will be given a detention. Please, see the tardy policy in the handbook. If you receive more than 5 absences you will lose credit for this class!


Purses/Back-Packs: All purses and backpacks must remain on the floor at all times during the class period.  You may not keep them on your desk.  This is to prevent the need or temptation to use your cell phones and to prevent me from being suspicious of your actions.


Daily Warm-up:  Each day when you enter the class their will be an assignment on the board, a question, definition or reading. I will take these up every Friday. You must have the question and the answer to get full credit. When you are not here you must get the missed assignments and write them down.  Writing the word absent will not count. At the end of the 9-weeks they will all be added to together for one major test grade. 


Makeup work: You are responsible for your own make up work!!  That means if you miss, you come to me to find out what you missed.  I do not come to you!!  In the bright pink box on the front table are folders for each period.  If you miss I will put a sheet with your name on it in the folder. At the front of the folder is a note pad that list exactly what was done each day. Read it!!  It will explain what needs to be made-up.


Missed Test: If you miss a test you will be given until the next test date to make up the test.  You may come in before or after school to make the test up OR you will be given the missed test as well as the next test on the following test day.  This means you will take two tests (or more) in one day. Both must be completed in class that day!


Lost Work: I only make enough copies for the class therefore I have no extra. Don’t ask, if you lose something, for another copy!


Late Work: I will only take work until the day of the test.  If you turn your work in late, it will automatically only be worth half credit.  I will not take work once we have taken the test.


Hall Passes: You may leave the room up to 3 times a 9-weeks.  After the three times, each time after that you will serve a 10 minute detention.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  At the end of each 9-weeks you will turn in your hall pass sheet and for each unused pass you will receive 5 points on you lowest test. You may not save your passes and serve detention instead. You must use your passes first. If you lose your pass you will not be given a new one.


Turning in Work:  There is a tray on my desk.  Within the first 5 minutes of class any work that is due that day will be put in the tray.  After the 5 minutes, if you have not turned it in then it is late.  If it is turned in that day it is a 75, if you turn it in after that day it will only be a 50.


Science Activity Fee: You are required to pay a fee of $4.50 for every science class at the high school.  This fee covers the cost of lab materials. You need to pay the fee to me by Friday, March 30. If you are taking zoology at any point this year, you will not have to pay this again.



Notebook: At the end of the class you will turn in you entire notebook to me for a grade.  Things to be included in the notebook will be all notes (in your handwriting), quizzes, labs, color sheets, worksheets, and book work. Your notebook will be due prior to your exam! Keep up with your work.


Grading:  See grading policy on the addendum sheet that replaced page 53.


Exemptions: Seniors may be exempt with a B average and meet the attendance policy on page 59 of the handbook


Homework Passes: You can receive a homework pass in one of two ways, if you only have one tardy or absence between each major grading period or if the entire class is present with no tardies for an entire week, you will receive one homework pass.


Bonus Points: Bonus Points can be received for answering questions in class or providing intelligent relevant information to a class discussion.