Community Connections



Support from the community is so important for families.  Sometimes a family may need assistance getting through a rough patch.  There are many services available to assist families when they need it the most.  Below I will list a variety of community services available for families.  Please let me know if you are in need of some assistance and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.  The community can also get involved in education through volunteer services.  One way to involve the community is to host a community helper day at school.  I plan to do a lesson on community helpers for a week.  I will invite a police officer, a doctor, a nurse, and a fireman to come and speak to the children.  If you as one of my student['s parents are a community helper, I invite you to come and speak to the children.  Children are fascinated with community helpers so I think this will be a great lesson.   


Parenting Resources - Thrive Center

Families First of Colorado

"Families First believes children thrive in enduring and safe relationships with adults and are entitled to a place in a healthy nurturing family.  Families First believes that parenting is a liflong learning process" (Parenting Resources, 2019).  The address is 2163 S. Yosemite Denver CO 80231  Phone number is 303-745-0327

Families Forward Resource Center

"FFRC's Storng Families, Strong Communities 5K Run/Walk Block Party has two purposes: 1. to get families engaged in community activities and informed about resources that strengthen families and build communities and 2. to raise scholarship funds for Kathy's Kamp which is an affordable summer childcare option for working parents" (Parenting Resources, 2019).  The address is 1085 Peoria St. Suite 119, Aurora CO 80011.  The phone number is 303-307-0718.  The website for these two services is  

Family Serices

In Lakewood Colorado, family services provides a wide range of programs and services for children and families such as Head Start, early childhood education and daycare services.    Contact Info: Wilbur Rogers Center, 12100 W. Alameda Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80228.  Phone number: 303-987-2490.  The email is  The website is

Jefferson County Colorado Human Service

Jefferson County Human Services provides a wide variety of assistance such as Energy Assistance known as LEAP, Food Assistance, Children's Health Plan Plus, Health First Colorado, and has housing assistance resources as well .  Their contact information is Human Services, 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Goldon CO 80401.  Their phone number is 303-271-1388.  The website is also very helpful.  The address is