Website Learning Links



Attention Parents: here are some great educational websites for your child to explore to supplement what they are learning in my classroom -

I have found a great website at for teachers as well as for students.  They have online learning games for kindergartners.  I may be assigning some of these games as homework so please visit the site to see if their are assignments for your child to complete.

IXL Learning Inc. -

Another great website is IXL Learning.Inc.  They have activities for children to practice their skills with various subjects such as math and language arts.  Clikc on kindergarten to get started with these activities.  Have your child practice activity links each day.  These math and language arts activities will be great practice to work on developing skills at home.  The site also gives a link to the Colorado Math Standards so you can see what standards we use to teach math skills.


One more educational website for your child is  They also have educational games for kindergartners to learn letters, numbers, holidays, strategies, and other skills such as painting.  Please visit this site with your child to complete the various activites.

Parents, I played some of the educational games to test the waters and make sure they are kid proof.  All three sites are user friendly and kid friendly.  You can play the games along side your children to check out these sites.