Sample Outcomes

Here is a list of sample outcomes that your child will be expected to learn and demonstrate throughout this course:

111-1 provide examples of scientific knowledge that have resulted in the development of technologies.

  • Here the students will show their knowledge of inventions and inventors.

112-9 identify science- and technology-based careers in their community. 

  • Students will explore the possible jobs and careers that are available to someone interested in persuing science later in life. This might give them the chance to think about their future and whether or not they are interested in a career in science.

113-9 make informed decisions about applications of science and technology, taking into account environmental and social advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Students will learn the effects of science and technology on society and the environment. They will explore how to use science and technology to make improvements in our existing society, and what effects our lifestyle has had on our environment thus far.

208-5 state a prediction and a hypothesis based on background information or an observed pattern of eve. 

  • Students will use and build upon their problem-solving skills in order to form opinions and hypothesis on outcomes.

209-4 organize data using a format that is appropriate to the task or experiment. 

Students will be expected to know how to organize information learned through a task or experiment through different methods (ie. charts, tables, graphs, anecdotal recording, etc.)